John Kennedy & Associates
Investigative and Legal Services
Investigative and Legal Services

CA P.I. License #20100

"Find Someone" Package

If you are looking for a key witness, someone that you want to serve legal papers on or an heir in a probate estate, you need to find them.

If you are looking for a friend or relative that you have lost contact with, then you want to find someone.

Whether you need to find someone or just want to find someone, if your own searches have reached a dead end, it may be time to take advantage of our experience.  While there is no guarantee that someone can be found (See, our $250.00 package includes not only a search of a major national database but also allows us to conduct additional searches to follow-up on that data to determine if it is current or not.  We can then provide you with a written report delivered via US Mail or to your E-mail account.

If you want to take advantage of the "Find Someone" package or wish to ask us some questions about what kind of information will improve the chances for a successful search see the information on our Contact Us page.
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